Types of Exercises to Use During Your Workout Plans!

Types of Exercises to Use During Your Workout Plans!

There are many types of exercises you can do at home, on the road, at work, or in many other odd situations. Understanding a lot of the different types there are will help everyone decide on which ones to use with their workout routine.

Not everyone wants to join a gym or even go to a gym for that matter. Even if your main form of fitness training is a cardio exercise such as walking or running, it is still important to have exercises to do in any situation to ensure you will be able to work out no matter what and that you are exercising a variety of muscle groups so you get an all around muscle exercise for your whole body.

The body needs to maintain strength and flexibility in order to function properly and to keep you from suffering back and joint injuries and pain. One of the main muscles you want to exercise is your heart muscle as this is the one most crucial to life.

There is a specific routine customized just for you that you must establish in order to achieve perfect body health. When it comes to the types of exercises you perform, you need to fit a variety of exercises into your exercise plans that concentrate on several parts of your body every day. Keeping all of your muscles exercised and stretched will help you body maintain health and allow it to fight off illness much more effectively.

Before starting any rigorous exercise routine, you must perform some stretching and yoga type exercises, which are some of the easiest and best exercises to do at home. In most cases, you do not need much equipment, just a yoga mat or equivalent so that your feet can grip the floor. At a minimum, you should do your shoulders, back, thighs, calves, and neck stretches before every workout.

You can use simple stretches to warm up before doing cardio exercises, but try to also do full body stretches and more challenging postures each time you plan on doing strength training. Do your stretches in the morning for best results throughout the day and immediately before working out.

Here are The Core Types of Exercises to Concentrate on for Your Perfect Body Health Goals!


Calisthenics are simple exercises that give just the right amount of challenge but do not require the use of a lot of complex equipment. They are commonly done in the schools and military where a lot of people need to work out at the same time without expensive equipment. This means they are perfect exercises to do at home or on the go.

Examples of these types of exercises include push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups or crunches, lunges, jump-rope, pull-ups using a bar (if available), martial arts exercises (punches, kicks, and blocks), and calf raises. Like stretches, calisthenic exercises can be used either for warming up or as a full workout of exercises to do at home or on the go.

Strength Training

Another type of exercise you can use to maintain your body health is strength training. Strength training exercises can be done in a gym or at home, although you will need some basic equipment. Dumbbells are a must and can help with many different muscle groups. A barbell will be very useful too if you have the space for it. You can perform many types of lifts, rows, and crunches for your arms, legs, torso, back, and many other muscle groups.

You can also improvise when doing strength training. You can use tool bags full of sockets as a dumbbell; you can use an old tire full of dirt for weight; you can put bricks in your back pack. There are many things you can do to turn your every day items into weight training items. This gets rid of that need for expensive equipment.

Learn some of the basic types of exercises you can perform at home or at work when you are pressed for time or your busy schedule is precluding you from doing a solid 30 minute workout during the day. Ten minutes here and their is okay, in fact, it is highly encouraged.