Weight Loss – Herbal Remedies

Weight Loss – Herbal Remedies
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Weight Loss Herbal Remedies

Recent research has shown that up to about 20% of the population may have problems with the side effects of normal conventional pills for losing weight. Such a high percentage, and with increased FDA warnings, it is no shocker that alternative treatment is gaining ground and herbal remedies for weight loss are increasing.

They are being used extensively today, and although they can be extremely costly, they yield little or no clinical effect. The major advantage of some herbal weight loss herbal remedies preparations is that they can interact with other herbals as well as interact with conventional medications.

However, the problem is that there are many herbal products that are contaminated and most of them have multiple names and can be very difficult to identify. Moreover, there are variations in the quality of losing weight herbal remedies given that most are sold by persons with limited clinical knowledge and are therefore not capable of alerting the public on the potential hazards or effects of the herbal preparations.

The most commonly used weight loss remedies that are herbal include:

Aloe Vera, whose use although has yielded inconsistent therapeutic effects, is not effective for permanent weight loss; Cascara; Dandelion which in some instances has been known to cause allergic reactions; Ephedrine; Glucomannan which works by delaying the absorption of glucose (sugar) from the intestines and is very dangerous for diabetic patients; Guarana which is an effective stimulant and as a result one of the good way of losing weight via herbal remedies because of diuretic effects; among others.

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