Compare Prenatal Vitamin Ingredients

Compare Prenatal Vitamin Ingredients

How To Compare Fish Oils?

Author: Chuck Blake

Are you looking out for basic parameters on which you can compare fish oils and then stick on to the best? Then let me tell you, you are not alone, there are thousands like you. I was also in this same category some time back, until I discovered these effective procedures to compare fish oil. In this article I will share the same with you.

With increasing awareness in people about the benefits of omega 3, no doubt market is flooded with horde of supplements. But in this race of earning money, there are manufacturers who compromise on the quality of the product, forgetting the fact that a bad quality product can do more harm than good to the consumers. There are only hand full of fish oils that are good and give benefits like lower cholesterol, lowering of high blood pressure, effective treatment for arthritis and asthma, prevention of heart and brain disease. So it becomes really very very important to compare fish oils and lay our hands on the best available.

Below are parameters, that I use to compare fish oil -

1. It should not contain any (should have minimum levels) impurities. It is evident that fish oil is extracted from fish; if the fish itself is from contaminated waters then the resultant product also is contaminated with impurities like lead and PCBs.

2. Good quality fish oil should undergo molecular distillation process to ensure pharmaceutical grade purity and safety.

3. It should not contain any artificial fragrance; and should smell like ocean. This ensures that manufacturer realize the importance of freshness and has protected fishes from getting oxidized.

4. It should not have rancid aftertaste.

5. It should give maximum benefits. Studies have shown that an omega-3 product blended with hoki and tuna oil together enhances the health benefits by 2 1/2 times.

In nut shell, every single dollar you shell out of your pocket should give you maximum health benefit.

Now with this information in hand, I am sure you will agree that fish oil selection is very simple yet very critical process. So hit the internet and trust me the best fish oil is waiting for you.

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Chuck Blake is an active researcher and consumer of fish oil products.Visit his website today to learn more about the powerful benefits of omega-3 fish oils.