Nasturtium - Tropaeolum majus Herb Garden World

Nasturtium - Tropaeolum majus  Herb Garden World

Nasturtium - Tropaeolum majus Herb Garden WorldGeneric Viagra


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Nasturtium is an annual, self-seeding, creeping and climbing herb. It belongs to the same family as watercress and has the same peppery taste. Dwarf nasturtiums grow to about 40 cm high while the trailing, tall nasturtiums have stems 200 cm long and can climb with their twining leaf stalks. It is a valuable summer annual with beautiful bright flowers, a familiar site in many gardens. However, it is rarely acknowledged as the useful herb that it is.

The leaves are almost circular and flowers trumpets look like ranging from pale yellow, orange through to dark red. The seeds and flower buds may be pickled and used in place of capers. Flowers and leaves are used in salads. All parts of the plant are addible and contain a peppery mustard oil. Nasturtium has an antibiotic action and for this reason should be included in our food in small quantities often. Use only the young small leaves, 4 or 5, in summer salads, sandwiches as a garnish for soup, with cream cheese and potato salad. The finely chopped fruit can be used as a very spicy seasoning for roast veal or pork and broiled fish.

The herb likes full sun but can tolerate part shade. Any garden soil will suit nasturtiums but nasturtiums need good drainage and a little lime. They are usually treated as annuals, especially in cool areas. In mild areas are quite hardy. Water moderately.

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