Why Water Filters Are Essential For Holidays? Health and Fitness Blog - 2HealthAndWellness.com

Why Water Filters Are Essential For Holidays?  Health and Fitness Blog - 2HealthAndWellness.com

April 21, 2009Why Water Filters Are Essential For Holidays?

Holidays these days are becoming more adventurous. People are prepared to travel to far and obscure places, planning a trip, which can be physically challenging and mentally invigorating. In other words, there are more opportunities for people try out new things in a place that is unfamiliar to them - now what could be more exciting than that? The problem arises when people are not properly prepared, and one of the most important factors for any traveller is the issues of food and water consumption. Go to purifier for more information.

Travelling for anyone is an exciting prospect and these days it is becoming cheaper to travel without sacrificing the quality of your accommodation choices. However, first time travellers will need to better prepare themselves for the upcoming trips. Even if it is a short trip to Europe, one should not underestimate the importance of carrying a portable water filter for when drinking tap water.

The tap water system in the UK uses various filtration methods to improve the quality of its taste, making it safer to drink. Chlorine is used in the water system to kill any residual pathogens, bacteria and harmful toxins, also preserving the water keeping it clean and fresh. However, many believe that chlorine can be harmful for the body, therefore water filters are now available for installation under the sink in most homes.

The various water filters can include a ceramic system that removes chlorine, bacteria and cyst; carbon refill filters, which remove unfamiliar tastes and odours; chlorine and lead removal kits, carbon and hardness removal kits and nitrate removal kits. All of which come with an easy to use instruction and a do-it-yourself installation method. This reduces the cost of spending out on expensive home filters and increases the safety and drinking quality of kitchen tap water.

When drinking tap water abroad, you run the risk of consuming bacterias that can result in Salmonella, Streptococcus, E.Coli, Faecal Coliform, Giardia (dysentery), Vibrio Cholera, Cryptosporidium & other waterborne parasites. Although they can be treated, these parasites will have a long-term affect on the intestines. Other organs are also affected such as the throat (which can often develop serious infections), blood (Hepatitis A, Rotavirus and Norwalk virus) and often the skin, teeth and bones.Refer to Water Purifiers for more information.When travelling abroad these filters can be taken with you to save you time and money from spending out on bottled water every day. However, not only could you buy waters filters, also available and commonly used are soluble water purifiers. Water purifying tablets use Iodine and chlorine to make dirty water safer to drink, yet they do not filter out the chemicals in the water. The advantages are they are very handy for emergencies and are relatively cheap to buy.

Purifiers and filters work differently from each other. Purifiers are good to kill off the bacterium and pathogens that may reside in the water system; however, filters can also be used to filter out organism and chemicals but you still run the risk of consuming toxins that are more serious. In these cases, it is best to select the right kind of filter and the right kind of purifier, so researching your options is advisable.

Both systems come in different strengths and depending on where you are travelling to, they vary can also vary in price. One thing is for certain, drinking water abroad has improved vastly making it safer to try out new things when on holiday. Visit Water Filters for further information.


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